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SmartWi Soft Interface

SmartWi Soft Interface

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Quick Overview:

The SmartWi Soft Extender is a brand new product from SmartWi. It is a soft interface / extension cord developed especially for connecting the SmartWi Client Card, or any provider card, with a card reader such as a Conditional Access Module (CAM/CI).


The SmartWi Soft Extender consists of a card reader and a slave card with connectors identical to a normal smartcard/client card - with a 15 centimeter flat cable in between.

The Extender has multiple purposes:

  • To add distance between the tv electronics and the Client card normally inserted in a CAM at the back of a flatscreen tv. I some cases the wireless communication between a client card inserted in the CAM is disturbed by the electronics in the tv, and this may cause interference and instable transmission. The Soft Extender removes the client card from the close proximity and stabilizes the transmission.
  • For set top box users the soft interface makes it possible to close the front of the box that is most often left open with a normal client card. In this case the client card may be placed on top or below the set top box, almost out of sight. Normally, the problem with interference is rare with set top boxes, but the Soft Extender would also be a stabilizing solution in this case.
  • Some set top boxes are not compatible with a SmartWi client card such as the Sagemcom/Boxer Smartbox, because the card is inserted at the bottom. In this case the flexible slave smartcard will fit into the cardreader, and the SmartWi client card may be placed om top of the box.

  • Size: 85x53 mm + 56x31 mm + 15 cm flat cable
  • Weight: 11 grams.

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Manufacturer SmartWi

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