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PS-2200, Coiler 3G dual band repeater

PS-2200, Coiler 3G dual band repeater

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Quick Overview:

PS-2200 is a repeater that really delivers what it promises. Not only is the signal actually amplified, effective filter ensures
that your neighbors and other operators are not disturbed. This is done by
programmable narrow filter that ensures only the frequencies
that your provider uses are amplified.





You will immediately see a significant difference in both up- and
download speed.
The repeater is working on both the frequency bands used in Scandinavia:
UL: 1920 ~ 1980MHz
DL: 2110 ~ 2170MHz

By PS-2200 follows the European guidelines for approved devices
you never have to worry about not getting permission.

PS-2200 is a high-powered repeater with coilers patented
ICS technology. (Isolation Cancellation System) to minimize
filtration problems and "feedback".
In addition, ICS it possible to run the built-in antennas or to connect an external antenna.
Commissioning is basically plug and play, that is, most users itself can deploy the device.

Main features and benefits:

Signal Amplification
PS-2000 with built-in antenna raise 3G by up to 82 dB.
By an output level (UL / DL) on the entire + 13 / + 10dBm you can suddenly to get 3G coverage in areas that were previously impossible.

Plug & Connect
Installation could not be easier. Plug in a PS-2200 and you
immediately get better 3G coverage.

Integrated LED Display
A valuable feature is an LED display that shows the levels and
alerts if something is wrong.
There is also diodes for reception quality used
to find the optimal place to position the unit.

Isolation Cancellation System with AGA
A very high isolation of 25dB elimnates
many problems with internal disturbances. This makes it possible to
maintain high gain despite receiving antenna and the transmitting antenna
are in the same house. Of course, you gain even more if you
connect an external receiver antenna. There are the external antenna input.
If there is any kind of insulation problem between transmitter and receiver
unit, an AGC (Automatic Gain Controll) will go in and reduce
effect to the optimum level.

Coverage in several rooms
If coverage is needed in several rooms, it  is possible to connect via an external port.

Connection for external antenna
In cases where the RSSI level indoors is too weak for satisfactory
function, it is possible to connect an optional antenna. We recommend
that is mounted outdoors, preferably with a clear view of
the transmitter.


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