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Cryptobox 752HD

Cryptobox 752HD

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Quick Overview:

Satellite receiver DVB-S / S2 / T / T2 / C AB Cryptobox 752HD Combo CI slot



Satellite receiver DVB-S / S2 / T / T2 / C AB Cryptobox 752HD Combo CI slot 


  1. The successor to the popular AB Cryptobox 652HD receiver with a number of improvements.
  2. The Cryptobox 752HD is a combination of a digital satellite DVB-S2 receiver, a terrestrial DVB-T2 receiver and a cable DVB-C receiver with the latest H.265 HEVC codec.
  3. The receiver has the latest 1GHz processor, DDRIII memory up to 256MB and 16MB flash memory.
  4. Supports the latest H.265 HEVC processing codec.
  5. Support media player in Full HD 1080p resolution. 1x card reader, 1x CI slot.
  6. Ability to watch HD programs, Watch live broadcasts on Android / IOS devices, play multimedia video, pictures and music.
  7. Real-time program recording, simple time recording via EPG guide or TIMESHIFT with time shift in the recording.
  8. X-route panel with many functions: Lots of Games, FTP Downloader, Weather Forecast, RSS News Viewer and many other applications.
  9. FTP Downloader for backup, recovery and transfer of files from USB to FTP or from FTP to USB (setting, firmware, video, MP3 ...)

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Manufacturer Cryptobox

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