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About SmartWi Online

SmartWi Online is an on-line store owned by SmartWi International GmbH.  SmartWi was established a decade ago with a primary focus on manufacturing and marketing of SmartWi Multi room Solutions - including SmartWi Card Splitter - worldwide. Among SmartWi products are SmartWi II and SmartWi LITE, and thorough knowledge through the years for both SmartWi products as other related equipment made available to the wholesaler, distributor and retail customers with SmartWi Online.

Since 2004, it is our mission to deliver the most advanced card splitter to pay TV - with the ability to distribute television signals via a variety of encryption systems, and independent of a number of providers' hardware. In this area SmartWi Group leads the world in a variety of unique skills. If you  do business in SmartWi Online, you may count on having the expertise at your fingertips.

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Business info:

SmartWi International GmbH
Thomas-Lorck-Weg 8
24941 Flensburg

CVR: DK33231393